Novigrad and the Tourist Board of Novigrad for the Fonudation

For the second consecutive year, the city of Novigrad and the Tourist Board of Novigrad have teamed up to organize a charity fashion show for the Ana Rukavina Foundation. The following art

NOVIGRAD – A fashion show was held two days ago in the atrium of the Novigrad museum, Lapidarium. During this charity event, the attendees contributed 787 Kuna toward the Ana Rukavina Foundation. Another 1,000 Kuna has been pledged to the Foundation by the Tourist Board, which was the co-organizer of the event with the city. This event was part of the multi-day celebration of the Day of the City and the holiday St. Pelagia. The program of various events will come to a close tomorrow. The fashion show presented elegant evening gowns, firstly from designer Silva Benjak from Novigrad, who was both a model and the choreographer that night. Beautiful women’s fashions were presented by Daliborka Babić from Sveti Lovreč. For the finale, the public was able to see a part of the new collection from Sandra Brajković, from the name sake Pazin-based agency. There were evening gowns, wedding dresses and beautiful dresses from domestic fashion designers. The clothes were accessorized with unique and handmade jewelry by Ružica Klaričić from Zagreb, who uses corals, minerals and silver chains, as well as by Elsa Demark Mazalović from Brtonigla, whose necklaces, bracelets, and rings are made of a molding mass combined with waste materials. During the breaks in which the models were changing their wardrobes, there was singing in the museum by the women’s choir of Novigrad-Cittanova, led by Ivana Paola Gortan-Carlin. The hosts of the program were Tomislav Šimičević from Novigrad and Martina Herak from Poreč.
Source: T. Kocijančić – “Glas Istre” August, 29, 2008

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