‘Petition ‘I WANT LIFE’

Sign the petition of support the action ‘I WANT LIFE!’ – money collection for the expansion of the Croatian registry of voluntary bone marrow donors and foundation of umbilical blood bank

This petition was initiated at GOPETITION.COM on 27.11.2006.
The petition resulted in 12 772 signatures of citizens who WANT LIFE.
The petition was closed on January 3rd, 2007.

Collection of financial means for the development of the Croatian registry of bone marrow donors and mother cell bank
Dear all, In the past few days we have witnessed exceptional nobility and goodness by many individuals, associations and companies in our society, to restore hope of life to a young lady.

“I want life!” – Ana Rukavina wrote and moved Croatian public. Vjesnik journalist, 29 years old, treated against leukemia, left no one indifferent with her sincere plea to save her own life. To help Ana purchase expensive drugs and possible treatment in the U.S.A., the action “Zelim zivot!” was initiated to which a large number of good people responded. Croatia showed once again that they can when they really want and smile returned to Ana’s face…

However, the sad Ana’s story has prompted us to think also of other people who live among us and are treated against this (not so rare disease) and have no chance or cannot get significant help.
There is no developed system of voluntary bone marrow donation in Croatia. There is a small number of donors in the current Croatian registry and they are mainly members of patient families. If a patient cannot receive bone marrow from any of his closest blood kin, the donor must be found abroad (just like in case of our Ana). This process can last as long as 6 months…
On the other hand, typisation procedure, i.e. inclusion in the Registry of bone marrow donors is exceptionally simple, but also free! Blood taking in the Institute for tissue typisation you become a potential donor who might have a chance to save someone’s life.
All we have to do is develop current Registry of bone marrow donors and create a mother cell bank…

Many citizens who have helped Ana these days have prompted us to help also other people who are being treated or will be treated against this malignant disease.
Knowing that any of us can be included in the list of the needed, we are inviting you to be included in our humanitarian action in this time of gifts preceding Christmas.

We have presented our idea to many people in the past few days and have encountered a lot of understanding and wholesome support of a significant number of companies and institutions. We therefore rightfully expect your good will too, hoping we’ll cooperate in the fulfillment of this dream.

We have all joined this project as donors, giving up any compensation for what we are doing or will do until the moment this project comes to life. The only thing connecting us is joint vision and goodness you have demonstrated personally so many times by now…

To present the whole project to Croatian public and to “include” it and prompt people to support, we’ll mark this action with a great humanitarian concert in December, on Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb. At the same time, we’ll open many channels of help collection so we can make possible donation “for life” to each good person in Croatia.

We welcome any help and your support in the preparation and realization of this project, as it can greatly alleviate the success of the whole action. We are therefore inviting you to approve of donation and/or use of your services or other resources.

Ana’s mail, that started circulating on our computers demonstrated there is much goodness in us. Let’s prompt this time of giving and let’s give life a chance even more during this time!
Joined together we can surely succeed in the development of Registry and bank establishment; they will make sure to answer pleas of many people who want nothing more than simple life in their quiet hospital rooms.

Ana’s friends Please support humanitarian action of collection for the development of Croatian registry of bone marrow donors and establishment of mother cell bank with your signature – help us to fulfill Ana’s wish for the benefit of all the citizens of the Republic of Croatia with joint efforts!

Created by Zelim Zivot on Nov 27, 2006
Closed on Jan 03, 2007
Category: Health
Region: Croatia
Target: Gradani Republike Hrvatske
Web-site: http://zelimzivot.blog.hr

Dear friends,The first action under the patronage of Ana Rukavina Foundation ‘I WANT LIFE’ was completed successfully with 3000 newly registered citizens in the Register of voluntary bone marrow donors and there are more than 2 million kuna collected for further development of the Registry and establishment of umbilical blood bank. We thank everyone for their contribution to this action, hoping you will be by our side in the next actions as well. We cordially wish you a HEALTHY, happy and successful New Year.

Kind regards, Ana’s friends

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