Petrova’s Labor Room

A humanitarian campaign has started in Croatia under the name “Petrova’s Labor Room”. The aim is to raise 3.5 million Kuna for the refurbishment of the Department of Gestational Pathology II in Petrova Hospital in Zagreb. There are more than 8000 high-risk pregnancies diagnosed in Croatia every year. Petrova Hospital in Zagreb is the biggest and oldest center for women’s obstetrics and gynecology in the country. The Department of Gestational Pathology II, which deals with thousands of women a year from all over Croatia that have high-risk pregnancies, has not been renovated since its establishment in 1921.

Starting at 8.05 PM this evening on Croatian television channel 2, live studio performances featuring a number of well known musicians have been organized in connection with a 2.5 hour telephone marathon. A total of 50 telephone lines will be open, and every 20 minutes, celebrities and prominent people from politics, economics, and culture will take turns answering telephone calls. Our director, Mrs. Marija Rukavina, and Ana’s sister, Gordana Leto, will be a part of the call center.

Call 060 9004 and donate 5kn + VAT with one call

“What mom feels, so does the baby”

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