Postage-paid envelopes worth 1 million kuna awarded for excellent work

In a contest run by Hrvatska Pošta (Croatian Post) named “Your Mail for Excellent Work”, the Ana Rukavina Foundation was awarded envelopes with paid postage stamps for the year 2011.

In the competition organized by Croatian Post, by the name of “Your Mail for Excellent Work”, for the first time the company awarded envelopes with paid postage stamps worth one million kuna. The Ana Rukavina Foundation was given a donation of envelopes for 2011 which will be used towards the actions we are planning in the fifth year of the Foundation’s operations.

There were 313 applications received for the competition, requesting a donation of as many as 934,798 postage paid envelopes, a fact which made it quite difficult for the selection board to pick just one winner.

We are grateful to Croatian Post and its valuable employees for this useful donation.

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