Sisak – 51 new donors join the Registry

At an action in sisak to jin the Registry, the names of 51 new bone marrow donors were added!

Despite the poor weather forecast, our action in Sisak was blessed with good weather. Our kind organizers, the members of the HDZ Women’s Association “Katarina Zrinska”, once again organized a wonderful action to join the Registry. In a fun and relaxing atmosphere, 51 new donors joined the Croatian Registry.
A great big thank you to the organizers of the 169th action to join the Registry: Ivanka Roksandić, president of the Women’s Association, Renata Valentić, Nada Dobranić, Helena Špišić, Vesna Štengl, Verica Barić, Daša Poredoš Lavor, Željka Bece, Mirica Krznarić, the nurse, and Lujo Savković.

As always, we would also like to thank all the good people who helped to expand our Registry by coming to the action.

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