Street named after Ana Rukavina

Decision of Šibenik city council

The initiative of Ms. Ana Milovac at the town commission session of Croatian peasant party in Šibenik to name a street after Ana Rukavina, Vjesnik journalist and Šibenik daughter-in-law, deceased prematurely after a hard battle with leukemia will be realized shortly. Željko Burić, president of Street Nomenclature Committee pointed out that they support the idea of HSS. Ana Rukavina will get a street in Šibenik because she deserved it with her life and battle eventually resulting in the initiation of the Foundation bearing its name; its goal will be to found the registry of voluntary bone marrow donors and mother cell bank.

– Knowing our previous experience we won’t be changing the names of existing streets as it creates aversion of people living there; new names are not accepted easily so most of the citizens will call the streets by their old names. Therefore, one of the new streets or squares will bear the name of Ana Rukavina shortly – said Željko Burić.
Source: Šibenski list

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