Foto: Marko Kadija
Foto: Marko Kadija

The 14th concert “I want life” has been held

Dear friends, last night’s “I want life” concert, held in cooperation with our partner Nova TV on the main Zagreb square, was concluded with the collected 1.3 million HRK for further work of the Ana Rukavina Foundation.
You’ve called our donation number as many as 206.151 times, and you’ve once again shown your heart and solidarity towards the seriously ill people in Croatia and the world. The number is still open until December 31st.
We are indescribably grateful for every call, donation, and endless support with which we celebrated the life 13th time in a row and remembered our Ana.
With collected donations, you help to continue to expand Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry, enable professional training of young doctors from Croatia, specialists or residents of hematology and other related specializations, and professional training of nurses, in the best European and world’s clinics.
Thank you very much!

Photos by: Krume Ivanovski, Marko Kadija, Goran Jakuš and Lorna Kijurko

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