The Advantages of NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

We are very happy to announce that NGS has also been introduced in Croatia which is a big breakthrough for hematology in our country. Below we are bringing you basic facts about why NGS is important and what it can provide for patients suffering from hematologic illnesses.

What began as a revolutionary research tool 20 years ago has emerged as the platform of choice for clinical researchers and clinicians looking to advance the way they understand patients’ diseases and, more importantly, how to treat them.[i]

Hematologic malignancies have been among the forefront of those cancers whose genomes have been the subject of NGS. Hence, these studies have opened novel areas of biology that can be exploited for prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic means. Because of the unprecedented depth, resolution and accuracy achievable by NGS, this technology is well-suited for providing detailed information on the diversity of receptors that govern antigen recognition; this approach has the potential to contribute important insights into understanding the biologic effects of transplantation.[ii]

The Ana Rukavina Foundation has played a big role in introducing NGS to Croatia and it brings us joy that medicine is now more capable of helping patients with hematologic malignancies.



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