The Ana Rukavina Foundation donated 200,000.00 kunas for the earthquake-affected areas

In these difficult and challenging times, the Ana Rukavina Foundation continues its mission of saving lives.
During December, the Ana Rukavina Foundation held its traditional humanitarian action and concert “I want life” with the support of Nova TV partners. Citizens across Croatia have united as always, showing a big Croatian heart and from the beginning of December until today they have called the humanitarian number 060 9000 (call price 5 kunas plus VAT) 234,968 times, which amounts to 1,174,840 kunas without VAT.
The mission of the Ana Rukavina Foundation is to save lives, and following that mission, at the suggestion of the Foundation’s director Marija Rukavina and Gordana Leto, members of the Board and the consent of the Foundation’s Board, it was decided for the Ana Rukavina Foundation to donate 200,000 kunas for the action “Assistance for reconstruction after the earthquake” of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.
„2020. year none of us wants to remember. The tragedy that befell the people in Petrinja, Glina, Sisak, the surrounding villages touched us all. People from earthquake-affected areas have always been there for us when we needed help and the least we can do is give them back at least part of the goodness they have always given us. We cannot erase the tragedy, but we want them to know that we are here for them who have been with us so many times”, said Marija Rukavina, director of the Ana Rukavina Foundation.
With this donation, the Ana Rukavina Foundation continues to help those in need following the message “I want life” that Ana has bequeathed to us.
Dear ones affected by the devastating earthquake, we think of you with a sincere wish that this will never happen again.

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