The first joint action of MUP and the Foundation!

The mutual action of MUP and the foundation – for the first time in the world the police have organized their participation in a humanitarian action of this kind!

Today, in Special police facilities at the Police Academy, the first voluntary blood donation action for tissue typisation took place, organized by MUP RH employees, as a result of contract cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ana Rukavina Foundation. Voluntary blood taking actions for HLA typisation to determine tissue antigens of blood-forming mother cells, as well as inclusion into the Registry of Voluntary Bone Marrow Donors, are aimed towards assistance to leukemia and lymphoma patients.

Only in the first hour of action, blood was donated by some 50 members of Special and Task Force police, as well as by the representatives of the Minister’s Cabinet and Police HQ of MUP RH. In course of the action, press conference was held; head of the Minister’s Cabinet Dražen Krtanjek, Marija Rukavina, head of the Foundation and doc. dr. sc. Mirando Mrsić, medical director of the Foundation participated at the press conference.

Ms. Rukavina thanked the Ministry of Internal Affairs for their response and cooperation, particularly minister Kirin, pointing out that he has already signed in the Registry, as one of the first voluntary blood donors during Virovitica action. Speaking about Foundation achievements, Ms. Rukavina pointed out that the goal is to reach 40.000 voluntary bone marrow donors by the end of the year.

Mirando Mrsić, medical director of the Foundation, said that the Foundation has achieved exceptional results in only six months; from 154 donors at the start, the number has increased to 23.000 donors; therefore, Croatian Registry is well-known in the world now. This action, initiated by Ana’s letter, is exceptionally important for Croatia. Cooperation with the Ministry of internal affairs of RH is also one of specialties. Cooperation with the police wasn’t achieved in any other country of the world. We have made a huge step forward by starting cooperation with the police we consider one of major pillars of the society. I thank everyone who responded to today’s action, particularly to Special police and Task Force police employees and I believe we’ll organize such successful actions also in other segments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Head of the Minister’s Cabinet Dražen Krtanjek pointed out that actions will be held in all Police Administrations and stations on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, according to agreed cooperation; organization of a major joint action is planned for the Day of the Police Force on Jarun lake, September 29th. No wonder the response of Special police employees was so extensive, because they are people who daily help the citizens in various situations. Once again, I point out my satisfaction with achieved cooperation and thank the Foundation representatives for the chance they gave to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to show who we are and what we do every day – head Krtanjek pointed out.

An action like this will be organized as early as next month in cooperation with the Foundation and MUP RH in one of the Police Administrations of Central Croatia.

Source: MUP pages

How can we thank, how can we say what this action and cooperation mean for the well-being of our citizens? Nowhere in the world are there such people as here in our small and beloved country. Nowhere in the world has ever occurred such a wonderful, incredible, touching and singular miracle. Nowhere in the world have the entire police force participated in an action of this kind. Thanks to all wonderful people working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, phenomenal boys who guard us all. Thanks to all dear, strong-hearted, honorable, generous and good people of our small country.

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