The Humanitarian Action “Ana Rukavina’s Favorite Flower” has raised over 91 thousands kunas

Dear friends, a traditional, seventh in a row, humanitarian action “Ana Rukavina’s favorite flower” has been held on April 8th.

It was organized by SDP’s Social Democratic Forum of Women of SDP. Thanks to the great efforts of their members and acting President, Mrs. Karolina Leaković and your noble donations, it has raised 91,576.12. kunas.

The amount raised in this traditional action of selling Ana’s favorite tulips has been paid by the SDP Women’s Forum to the account of Ana Rukavina Foundation.
The collected funds are a great incentive for further work by Ana Rukavina Foundation to continue to help the sick people awaiting their matching donor.

Thanks to all our dear donors, the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry today counts more than 53,000 potential donors, and 69 donors from the Croatian Register donated the most valuable opportunity for life to the ill!

Thanks to the SDP Social-Democratic Women’s Forum on the long-standing support and organization of this humanitarian action to help those who need it the most.

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