The main street in the Stancija Vergotini settlement in Poreč is named Ana Rukavina

We are sincerely touched and honored by the noble proposal of Mr. Niko Jurić and the wish of the residents that a street in the Stancija Vergotini settlement in Poreč should be named after our dear Ana, even though she had no connection with the settlement during her lifetime.

The Ana Rukavina Foundation entered its 16th year of operation, and despite the irreparable loss of a loved one, we are happy that people recognize the great value of the legacy that Ana left us, and especially for the 161 sick people who, thanks to Ana’s vision, got a new chance for life.

In 2009, Perivoj in Šibenik was named after our Ana – the town she moved to because of love, and whose residents affectionately called her the “the bride of Šibenik”. In 2016, a square in Trnsko was named after her, the district in Zagreb that she loved immensely, where she attended elementary school, practiced handball, and spent the best moments of her youth until she left for Šibenik.

It is with pride and great gratitude that we thank Mr. Niko Jurić and the residents of Stancija Vergotina for your noble proposal to name the street of your settlement after our Ana, so that all future generations will be reminded of our dear Ana and the legacy she left us through the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

We sincerely thank the City Assembly of Poreč for making the decision and everyone who supported and initiated this proposal!!!

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