Last night, many citizens had a pleasant time with the NOVA TV TV program and its online platforms, enjoying the performances of the biggest Croatian music stars. The traditional, 17th consecutive Christmas concert “I want Life” united our country once again this year! 🎊 🎉💗

During the broadcast of the music event, the donations mounted up to HRK 726,302 / 96,378.09 EUR  for future efforts of the Foundation by calling 060 9000 organized by Hrvatski telekom and with the help of the KEKS Pay application. As many as 1,662 donations were made through KEKS Pay, and we are extremely grateful to all selfless people. Humanitarian action continues! Call 060 9000 (call price HRK 5.00 / EUR 0.66 + VAT) or donate via Keks Pay quickly and easily, free of charge.

The Christmas concert is the highlight of the commendable campaign “I want life”, which continues the work on collection of funds for further expansion of the Croatian Register of Voluntary Blood Donors stem cells and other projects important for the development of hematology in Croatia.
Last night’s concert was a gift to the citizens of Croatia, and at the same time a thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to the charitable activities of the Foundation while remembering the untimely death of Ana Rukavina, young journalists whose name the Foundation bears.

“This year we are celebrating 16 years since Ana united all of Croatia with her never overcome with zeal for life, but also for the lives of all who suffered like her. Any donation, ma no matter how small it was, it means a lot to us because that’s how we fulfill its noble mission and we are infinitely grateful that people have given us their trust this year too! That’s why they once again from a big thank you from the bottom of my heart”, said Marija Rukavina, manager of the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

“Thanks to everyone for their cooperation: the Foundation, the viewers who responded and made it possible with their invitation further work of the Foundation and the entire Nova TV team. That’s the only way we can change things, and this is exactly it a project that helps the most needy and contributes to our society. “I want life” concert and collaboration with

The Ana Rukavina Foundation is an endless source of ope for the 160 patients they have received so far transplant throughout Croatia and the world thanks to the Croatian Register of Voluntary Donors hematopoietic stem cells. The expansion was made possible by the persistent work and dedication of the Foundation.

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch yesterday’s televised musical treat and our mission to help those in need. Your AnaRukavina Foundation loves you ❤
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