Valentine’s Day on Hvar celebrated with “I want life” humanitarian action

The Director of the Red Cross in Hvar, Mrs. Maja Budrović, sent us the following mail:
In connection with the Red Cross project “Education for Humanity”, the first graders of the Hvar Primary School, led by teachers Nada Jeličić and Sunčica Lakoš, as well as the fourth graders from the same school and their teacher, Veronika Mlinac, participated in the collective action and sold hearts made of plasticine and clay to their fellow citizens. St. Stjepan’s Square was ringing with the laughter and happiness of the proud young little “humanitarians”.

The kindergarten in Jelsa also took part in this action and made a veritable collection of hearts. The proceeds they raised were intended for the tissue typing of bone marrow. The entire Board of the Red Cross in Vrboska should be praised for initiating this action and working especially hard to realize it.

All of the primary school on the island, as well as the Hvar Secondary School, have also made considerably worthy contributions to raising funds. If the 5,231.00 Kuna they have raised will help tissue type bone marrow for at least one sick person we will all be happy. The entire amount will be paid to the account of the Ana Rukavina Foundation, which we regularly support in keeping with our means.
This event also offered the opportunity to hand out promotional materials about the vaccination against cervical cancer and other diseases caused by HPV. The youngsters were invited to the office of Dr. Toni L. Lavčević, who will administer the vaccinations on the island of Hvar, to sign up and obtain all the relevant information.


Congratulation to all of you who gave the gift of understandings, financial assistance and love to your affected fellow citizens for Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!

Director: Maja Budrović

We are truly grateful to the dear citizens of Hvar who have already organized so many similar actions in order to help the Ana Rukavina Foundation expand the Registry of voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors. A great big THANK YOU!

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