Valuable donation from the company FERVENS d.o.o.

The company FERVENS d.o.o. donated a huge amount of media space for promotion and advertising to the Foundation for radio spots and advertisements in print media!

The company Fervens d.o.o. and our friend Kristijan Božarov donated a huge amount of media space for radio spots announcing the humanitarian hotline number for the Ana Rukavina Foundation on the following radio stations:
• Bjelovar-Bilogora Radio Station
• Radio 1 Čakovec
• Voice of Podravina Radio Station
• Radio Active Varaždin
• Radio Zelina
• Radio Samobor
• Radio Stubica
• Radio North-west (Varaždin)
• Radio Martin
• Radio Velika Gorica
• Cult Radio Varaždin

as well as for advertisements in the following print media:
• Međimurje News
• Podravina and Bjelovar News
• Velika Gorica Reporter
• Međimurje News
• Zagorje News
With all of our heart we are grateful for this very generous donation. We would also like to thank all of the citizens who turned out for our action “Kuna to Save a Life” which raised funds for tissue typing blood samples from voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors.

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