World Lymphoma Awareness Day

Today, on September 15th, we mark World Lymphoma Awareness Day. On this occasion, the Croatian Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – HULL – has joined forces with associations worldwide to mark this day.

Video-linked events will be organized in several Croatian cities.
Lymphomas are malignant tumors which develop from the body’s immune system cells and fall under the category of the 10 most common malignancies. Their incidence is constantly on the rise and they affect individuals of both sexes, adolescents and children. Although a large number of lymphomas may be treated by new and advanced medical procedures, and some can even be cured, a significant number of patients still die of the disease.

World Lymphoma Awareness Day – WLAD has been marked worldwide since 2004. The aim is to raise the awareness of these malignant tumors in terms of the timely recognition of the symptoms, early diagnostics and treatment. WLAD is a global initiative which was launched by the Lymphoma Coalition – a non-profit organization network comprising patients from all over the world (it currently has 49 members in 36 countries, including Croatia).

More about the HULL program and the locations where lectures will be held can be found on the HULL web pages.

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