Zagreb County supports “Brave Heart of Zagreb Ring” project

Zagreb County supports the “Brave Heart of Zagreb Ring” project with a 10,000 kuna donation!

The Ana Rukavina Foundation, in cooperation with the Department of Transfusion Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy at the University Hospital Center Zagreb, has launched the humanitarian project titled “Brave Heart of Zagreb Ring”. The aim of the project is to bring together all of the towns in Zagreb County in an action to raise funds for the expansion of the Croatian Registry of voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors, as well as to tissue type the collected blood samples.

This notable donation enables us to carry out new HLA tissue typing of donors listed in the Croatian Registry, and thereby determine the antigen tissue tolerance between potential donors and patients whose treatment depends on stem cell transplants from non-related donors.

We are extremely grateful to the county prefect of Zagreb County, Stjepan Kožić, MSc, for recognizing the importance of expanding the Croatian Registry for the good of those suffering from leukemia and lymphoma

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