1,000 new blood samples from potential stem cell donors have been tissue typed

In the period between November 3 and December 3, 2010, there were 1,000 new blood samples from potential stem cell donors tissue typed using the DNA typing method for HLA A, B and DRB1 (HLA – Human leukocyte antigen). The total number of samples that have been HLA tissue typed is now 19,275.

Out of the total number of 33,031 bone marrow donors listed in the Registry, 13,756 blood samples still need to undergo tissue typing. Therefore, it is necessary to continue with our efforts until we can say that all of the blood samples from potential donors have been tissue typed and that the Registry is fully operational.
As of December 1, 2010, the Foundation has a new humanitarian hotline number: 060 9000. By calling this number, you can donate 5 kuna + VAT. All of the funds raised will go towards HLA tissue typing of blood samples from potential stem cell donors.
A great big THANK YOU to everyone for your help and for every donated kuna that brings us closer to our goal!

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