The Foundation’s number, 060 9000, is active as of yesterday

As of December 1st, the charity hotline number, 060 9000, is active. All well-intentioned citizens may call this number and donate 6.15 kuna in order to contribute to the tissue typing of the blood samples that have already been collected and will be entered in the Registry of potential bone marrow donors. The humanitarian action which led to the activation of this charity hotline will culminate on December 21st with a concert on Ban Josip Jelačić Square

“This concert is the fifth concert that the Ana Rukavina Foundation has organized in memory of Ana and as a thank you to all those who have taken part in our actions throughout the year. The fifth concert will be a special overture for the fifth anniversary of the existence of the Foundation, which will be marked next year,” says the director of the Foundation, Mrs. Marija Rukavina.

After five years, the results of the Foundation which bears her name are quite impressive and serve as an example to the world. In November of 2006, when Ana left us, there were only 150 potential donors listed in the Croatian Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors. Over the last five years, a number of actions have been held throughout all of Croatia. We traveled in the sweltering heat and through snowstorms in order to organize actions to donate blood and join the Registry. Today there are more than 33,000 potential donors listed in the Registry. Out of the 33,000 collected blood samples, more than 18,000 have already been tissue typed.

Another important thing that was started thanks to Ana is the Cord Blood Bank. “Cord blood, in which rich stem cells are found, was simply thrown out after delivery – until March of 2007. Before that, the treasures which are hidden in stem cells were considered biological waste. Owing to the activities of the Foundation, the first Croatian cord blood bank was established and it is located within the University Hospital Zagreb. The private and public banks are currently one and the same”, adds Mrs. Marija Rukavina.

Every year the foundation has organized a pre-Christmas concert on Ban Josip Jelačić Square in Zagreb. This year the citizens of Zagreb and their guests will enjoy the concert on December 21st. They will also be able to watch the live broadcast on Croatian Television. By calling the charity hotline number, 060 9000, which was made possible by T-Hrvatski Telekom, citizens can donate 6.13 kuna, and in this way help the mission of the Ana Rukavina Foundation as well as its continuation. Because, a healthy man has a million wishes, while a sick person has only one – to be healthy…

The humanitarian action is sponsored by Pliva, as well as partners: HRT, T-HT, The City of Zagreb, Croatian Journalists’ Association, Millenium Promicija, Grey, Croatian Composers’ Society – Collecting Socitey, Student Union, The Medical School, Hi-tech, donators: B1 Plakati, Tovedo, Klemm Security, Fed, Europlakat, Volkswagen, Nescafe, ABC Rent, Hrvatska Pošta, Print Grupa, MBM, media partners: EPH, media sponsors: Vjesnik, Mamino sunce, Zdrave vijesti, Made IN,,,, Traž, Ž,,,,,,,,, Soundset mreža, Soundset Plavi, Obiteljski radio Ivanić, Radio SVN, Radio Samobor, Radio Velika Gorica, Radio Jaska, Radio Vrbovec, Total FM, Radio Student, Radio 101, Zagrebački radio, telecommunication operators: T-HT, VIPnet, TOMATO; TELE 2, AMIS, Bnet, Metronet, H1 Telekom, Iskon, Optima telekom, Voljatel, Terrakom.

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