101 New Donor in Croatian Registry

At the action held on Thursday 27th October in Split at the Faculty of Medical Science, as many as 101 new potential donors joined the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry. With this initiative the number of potential donors in Croatia rose to 62.410.

We thank everybody who made this action possible, namely Cooperation Coordinator with the Ana Rukavina Foundation doc.dr.sc. Esma Čečuk Jeličić, Marin Šimunić MD, Professor Joško Božić MD, employees of the Laboratory for Tissue Typing (biologists Matea Tarabene, Sonja Jaman), and laboratory engineer and volunteer Lucija Meštrović mag.med.lab.ing. We also thank the nurses of the Hematology Department in the Split University Hospital for their selfless help.

A big thank you to the head of the Split University Hospital doc.dr.sc. Julije Meštrović who visited this action and to students of dentistry and pharmacy at the Faculty of Medical Science in Split. And lastly, thank you to everybody who entered the Croatian Bone Marrow Registry to increase the chances of patients finding their compatible donors with their selfless gesture.

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