Foto: Ratko Mavar

14 years of the Ana Rukavina Foundation

A little more than 14 years ago, on one letter, and one simple, but sincere and great wish – the desire for life, the idea, and vision that the Foundation has been following for 14 years came about, and on Valentine’s Day 2007 we officially started our work.
Wanting life, but also fighting for the lives of all those who found themselves in a similar, difficult, and uncertain situation, Ana sent a message that became our mission.
Thanks to the great desire and vision of our Ana and selfless people who decided to give a piece of themselves to help those who need it most, 128 sick people were given a new chance at life.
Thank you for your selfless support from the very beginning of our work, thank you to everyone who helped the work of the Foundation in any way, thank you to all of you who increase chances of healing sick people by registering in the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, and the biggest thanks to the 128 hematopoietic stem cell donors who donated a part of themselves to strangers to give them hope of recovery.

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