154th transplantation from the Croatian Registry

Good news again from the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry – the 154th transplant was performed for a Croatian patient.
In July, hope for life was given to another patient, this time from Croatia, and we sincerely believe that the transplantation will be successful and that the patient and his family and friends will celebrate the patient’s new birthday.
Thank you to everyone who registers in the Croatian Registry, with your membership you increase their chances of finding a matching donor, and we especially thank the selfless act of the donor who, in July of this year, helped and saved a life.
Thank you to all the event organizers and volunteers who help to keep the number of potential donors increasing, as well as to the transfusion centers in eight cities in the Republic of Croatia, and a big thank you to the staff of the University Hospital Centre Zagreb who carries out the procedure of taking hematopoietic stem cells to reach sick people and give them hope for life.

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