215 citizens join the Registry on Open Heart Day

As a result of Open Heart Day, which we organized for the third year in a row in memory of Ana’s premature departure, the Registry now includes another 215 new potential stem cell donors.

During Open Heart Day, held today, on November 27th, at the Foundation’s premises, all interested citizens could learn about the work of the Foundation and the importance of joining the Registry. Future mothers were also provided with detailed information about the activities of the cord blood bank “Ana Rukavina” and donating cord blood.

Our mission of continuously expanding the Registry is alive precisely thanks to our fellow citizens, and so we would like to thank all of you who joined us on Open Heart Day. All citizens who have joined the Registry have shown their open hearts and solidarity by helping those that are severely ill around the world because our Registry is a part of the World Registry. We are taking this opportunity to invite all our fellow citizens to once again join us in merriment and dance at the “I want life” concert on December 19th on Ban Josip Jelačić Square.

The traditional “I want life” concert, which we are organizing on the city’s main square, will again this year be broadcast live on Nova TV. With this concert, which is being held for the 9th year in a row, we want to thank all the people whose generous donations have contributed to the development of the Foundation and have enabled Ana’s dream to continue. All citizens who are not able to participate in the concert can still help the work of the Foundation by calling the humanitarian hotline number 060 9000, which will be active as of December 1st. By calling this number, citizens can donate 5.00 kuna + VAT.

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