256 potential donors joined Croatian Registry

Dear friends, with the actions, held on Tuesday, June 11th in Zagreb and on Thursday, June 13th in Bjelovar, 256 potential donors joined the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry.
Six potential donors joined the action in cooperation with Mrs. Ana Mrčić and the Local Committee of Trnsko in Zagreb, while on the entry held in cooperation with Mrs. Jasmina Ratnik Šolaja and the Red Cross Bjelovar in Bjelovar, 250 potential donors joined the Croatian Registry.
A big thank you to Mrs. Ana Mrčić for inviting us, the Local Committee of Trnsko for letting us use their premises, Mrs. Jasmina Ratnik Šolaja for the invitation and helping us organizing the entry, Red Cross Bjelovar for help in the organization, dear nurses for great assistance in sampling, residents of Trnsko and Bjelovar who have responded to this entries to help sick people in Croatia and abroad to increase their chances of finding a matching bone marrow donor.

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