259 New Potential Donors at action for Saša!

Dear friends, on today’s action held in the lobby of Teatar &TD in cooperation with Student Center of University in Zagreb and Zagreb Dance Ensemble, 259 new potential donors joined the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry.

The action was organised on the initiative and with help of Koraljka Begović and Petra Glad. With this action, Koraljka and Petra wanted to incite as many young people as possible to join the Registry so they could help their friend Saša Fistrić who is diagnosed with leukemia and who needs a bone marrow transplant.
We thank dear co-organizers on a superbly organized action, volunteers for their help, Student Center and Teatar &TD for their facilities and to all young people who answered this call and by doing so, increased the chances of finding a matching donor for Saša and everyone else who waits for a bone marrow transplant.

We wish lots of luck to Saša in his treatment and finding a matching donor. We remind all of you who weren’t able to join the registry on today’s action that, beside at Ana Rukavina Foundation’s actions, joining is possible at Tissue Typing Department of Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb (Kišpatićeva 12), every working day from 8h to 14h, and also in eight transfusion centers in the Republic of Croatia (details about exact locations and working hours can be seen here).

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