36 new potential donors join the Registry at actions in Korenica and Perušić

On Friday, September 13th, a total of 36 citizens joined the Registry at actions held in Korenica and Perušić; 13 in Korenica and 23 in Perušić.

The action in Korenica was attended by two brave young girls to whom we are particularly grateful, namely Suzana Antonić, who one year ago donated bone marrow to her younger sister who was suffering from leukemia. Fortunately, her sister is well today. The other young girl is Vanja Rakić who in 2000, when she was five years old, overcame acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

With their positive spirits and big smiles the girls spread joy and reminded us once again why we are doing this.

We would also like to thank the organizers of the action, Mrs. Anita Ugarković, the director of the municipal branch of the Red Cross Plitvička Jezera, and the deputy mayor of the Plitvička Jezera Municipality, Mr. Šime Pavlović, who together with the organizers welcomed us with a few warm words.

Of course, we are also grateful to all the young people who joined us at the action and had their names entered in the Registry.
We would like to thank the organizers in Perušić, the Perušić Municipality and Mayor Ivica Turić for their help with the organization.
We are sincerely grateful to the 23 young people who joined the Registry in Perušić and we hope that this act will help patients.

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