3,750 kuna raised for the Foundation at the Saša Vukas Memorial

We would like to pass on the information found at www.turboliga.hr, and at the same time thank Saša’s family and friends for raising money for the Foundation.

April 21, 2012
The first but not the last Memorial is behind us

We held the first Saša Vukas Memorial and it was very special. It gathered 39 competitors and at least that many other people who helped to make this memory of Saša a beautiful social event. This was also a very beneficial action as it raised 3,750 kuna for the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

The sporting part of the action was more like a show, but with an inevitable competitive spirit and full of close matches. We were divided into 2 groups of 3 somewhat equal teams, some of which managed to get organized even before the tournament, while the other teams were put together based on “walk-ins”. A lot was going on here. For example, there was the overall winner – the Taufik Team, led by the Croatian Taufik – Zvonomir Đurkinjak, who is always happy to participate in such actions. They had lost their match to Thursday Express, but thanks to the latter team’s defeat in the match against the Poletarci team, the Taufik Team was the best in their group and ended up in the final round as the other two teams in their group had only one victory each. In the second group, the united Yasminton & FL teams went to the finals with two 4:3 victories. The third meeting in that group finished with the same result, Matea’s Colts beat Radić and Friends.

Round robin results:
1st place: Taufik Team – Yasminton & FL 4:3
3rd place: Matea’s Colts – Thursday Express 6:1
5th place: Poletarci – Radić and Friends 4:3

All in all, it was fun, nice and beneficial. Thank you everyone and may we see you again next year!

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