44th transplant from the Croatian Registry!

Dear friends, we are filled with joy and pride because in November another transplant was carried out using hematopoietic stem cells from a non-related voluntary donor!

Stem cells from the Croatian Registry of voluntary hematopoietic stem cell donors were transplanted into a patient in Croatia. The number of voluntary donations of stem cells from non-related donors since the start of the operation of the Croatian Registry now totals 44.

We are truly grateful to all the donors who have responded to our call and in that way offered a new chance at life for those who are suffering!

We hope that you will once again join us this year at the 9th traditional Christmas concert “I want life” starting at 9 PM on Friday, December 19th, on Ban Jelačić Square, as always.

All those who are unable to come to Zagreb’s main square will be able to watch the live broadcast provided by our media partner and co-organizer of the concert, Nova TV.

The concert is held in memory of our dear Ana, and as a thank you to all those who have participated and helped the work of the Foundation in any way throughout the past eight years.

By calling the humanitarian number 060 9000, which has been made possible by T-Hrvatski Telekom, between December 1st and 31st, citizens can donate 5.00 kuna (plus VAT) and in this way help the mission of the Ana Rukavina Foundation and Ana’s dream to go on.

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