467 new potential donors

Dear friends, with the actions held yesterday and today in the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry was enrolled as many as 467 new potential donors!

430 citizens of Sisak and Mošćenica, by enrolling in the Croatian Registry, have shown that they are there for all those who are waiting for their matching donor. 173 potential donors joined us in Mošćenica, and in Sisak, 257. We are thankful for the warm welcome and high response to all the young people who joined us today so they could have a chance to save one’s life.

Also, great thanks to Konzum employees; 37 of them yesterday joined the Croatian Registry at the headquarters of the company in Zagreb.

Thanks to all who helped us in organizing the action; Mr. Darko Zrile and the Croatian Cultural Arts Society Mošćenica, Mr. Stjepan Marušić and the Association of Craftsmen of Sisak, our long-time Sisak friends Joe and Maja Marton and Magdalena Škrbinc, medical staff of the General Hospital “Dr. Ivo Pedišić” for great help, Mrs. Eli Borić from Konzum , and to all of you who have decided to enroll and help those who are waiting for their healing opportunity.

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