56 new potential donors joined the Croatian Registry in Jakovlje

Dear friends, 56 new potential donors joined the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry at an action held on Tuesday, June 30 in Jakovlje.
We held this action of registration in the Croatian Registry in cooperation with UŽOJ “Dora” motivated by the need to find a matching bone marrow donor to an eight-year-old boy Robert from the municipality, but also for all other patients in Croatia and around the world looking for a matching donor.
Thanks to all the potential donors who responded to the action yesterday to help little Robert, but also to everyone else. Thank you to Mrs. Kristina who helped us with taking samples and a big thank you to the Association of Women of Jakovlje “Dora” with which we held the second joint action (the first joint action was held in early 2018 when 54 potential donors joined the Croatian Registry). Also, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for adhering to coronavirus protection measures.
We sincerely wish little Robert a speedy recovery!
This action was held with the financial support of the Zagreb County, which will, through a public tender, and according to the published proposal of financial aid for 2020, allocate funds to the Ana Rukavina Foundation for the project “The cure is in us” in Zagreb County.

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