8th grades raise 15,318.05 Kuna for tissue typing blood samples

The 8th grade pupils at Luka Primary School in Sesvete organized an educational and humanitarian fundraiser for the Ana Rukavina Foundation and raised 15,318 Kuna to be used toward tissue typing blood samples of voluntary bone marrow donors.

In addition to handing out educational leaflets about donating bone marrow and cord blood, the pupils sold the Foundation’s promotional materials. They also made and showed an educational film about patients who are suffering from leukemia and the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

The school’s Head Master, Ms. Marina Sabolović, and the teacher of the 8th grade class, Ms. Vlada Jagatić, were proud that the event had received such an impressive response and that all the teachers and parents of all the other pupils in the school had taken part in it.

We are truly grateful to Ms. Marina Sabolović, Ms. Vlada Jagatić, all the teachers, pupils, parents and especially the 8th grade pupils.
1. Ivan Bakula
2. Rahela Bilić
3. Nikola Borovnik
4. Dora Čorak
5. Anton Ćosić
6. Ljiljana Dadić
7. Dino Dudić
8. Jakov Grašovec
9. Ema Halilović
10. Helena Grgičin
11. Christina Jukić
12. Petra Juroš
13. Marija Luzar
14. Maja Marija Perica
15. Nikola Filip Petir
16. Stefan Picak
17. Kristian Ravlić
18. Zvonimir Salopek
19. Goran Stefanović
20. Kristina Šimatović
21. Dora Štrebenac
22. Lovro Vuger
23. Ivan Vukoja

“Even though you are still too young to be bone marrow donors, I would like to thank you for participating in this event to expand the national Registry. Your fundraiser allows us to tissue type new blood samples and in that way help those that are ill, whose only option for treatment is a bone marrow transplant,” said the Director of the Foundation, Mrs. Marija Rukavina.

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