Pupils in LUKA Primary School in Sesvete help the Ana Rukavina Foundation

Pupils in the 8th grade class at Luka Primary School in Sesvete have organized an educational and humanitarian fundraiser for the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

In collaboration with the Head Master, Ms. Marina Sabolović, and their teacher, Ms. Vlada Jagatić, the pupils in the 8th grade class at Luka Primary School in Sesvete, have organized a humanitarian action that is intended to help the work of the Foundation to expand the Registry and tissue type blood samples from voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors. The event will take place between 8 A.M. and 7 P.M. every day from February 2nd to 6th. In addition to the sale of the Foundation’s promotional materials, the pupils will also hand out educational leaflets about donating bone marrow and stem cells, as well as leaflets containing information about donating blood to the cord blood bank. There will also be a video shown about leukemia sufferers, which the pupils made for this occasion.

The diligent eight-graders have been taking turns working at the stand that they have decorated with the Foundation’s logo. More than 5,500 Kuna was raised during the first two days of the fundraiser.

The pupils expressed their great satisfaction with the response from parents and other citizens, while their teacher, Ms. Vlada Jagatić, could hardly hide her pride in her students.

On behalf of the Foundation, we are grateful to the teachers and parents who were able to raise a sense of humanity in such a young generation, and use it towards such a noble cause.

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