9 new potential donors join the Registry at the action at the Histrion House

A total of 9 new potential donors joined the Registry of voluntary hematopoietic stem cell donors at the action on March 10th in Zagreb.

The Ana Rukavina Foundation and the cast of the performance “Ufuraj se i pukni” held this action at the Histrion House and dedicated it to actress Vesna Ravenšćak, who suffers from leukemia, in order to help her heal as soon as possible and return to the theater.

The action to join the Registry was held as part of the performance of “Ufuraj se i pukni” during which the Croatian actors Zoran Pribičević, Jan Kerekeš and Ljubomir Kerekeš, invited all healthy citizens between the ages of 18 and 40 to join the Registry and thus give a chance for life to all those suffering from leukemia, lymphoma and other severe bone marrow damage. One of them is their colleague Vesna, and the funds raised by ticket sales will be donated to her treatment

By donating blood, nine citizens of Zagreb became part of the mission which the Ana Rukavina Foundation promotes, which is the constant expansion of the Registry to continue to save those suffering around the world.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the cast of the performance “Ufuraj se i pukni” at whose initiative we organized this action to join the Registry, as well as GD Histrion for providing the space, and of course everyone who responded to the action and joined the Registry.

Also, our wish is for Vesna Ravenšćak to find a matching donor as soon as possible and fully recover!


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