Action by the City Red Cross branch of the island Hvar

Mrs. Maja Budrović, the director of the City Red Cross branch of the island Hvar, held a humanitarian action on Valentine’s Day in order to help our Foundation. Here is her letter:

Dear friends,
We mentioned to you that on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2008, we would organize a humanitarian action “I want life” and remind our fellow citizens, the citizens of the island of Hvar, about the efforts of your Foundation. I would like to tell you that the event was a great success. It isn’t even important how much we raised or how we will transfer it to you. Rather, it is more important that with all our hearts we were supporting the people suffering from this disease and all of you who help at the Foundation. The event was covered and broadcast by the local radio station, FREE-FOR. We were joined by primary school students and kindergartens from our island, as well as the youth from the high school Red Cross organization. Everyone made some kind of contribution. The third grade class at the Hvar primary school made a poster which we will use again the next time we hold this event. The children implemented our idea to have the Foundation’s logo placed in a large red heart with the shape of the island and a red cross below it. The heart is surrounded by imprints of their tiny hands, which put so much love into their work. The event was held in all of the larger sites and raised 8,120.10 Kuna. Since the shirts cost 5,000 Kuna, we earned 3,120.10 Kuna.
Along with the proceeds, we will add a 5,000 Kuna donation from the Red Cross and that is our total contribution. Our thoughts are with you and we pray that you will achieve your noble goal as soon as possible. We look forward to being included and participating in your activities. If we can help in any way, we are here for you.
Sincerely yours,
Maja Budrović, Director of the City Red Cross branch of the island Hvar

From the bottom of our heart, we would like to thank Mrs. Budrović, the third grade class at Hvar primary school, radio station FREE-FOR and all the citizens of Hvar who remembered us on this romantic day.

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