Allocation of resources for professional training from Ana Rukavina Foundation – a doctor has been chosen.

Dear friends, this way we would like to present you the results of the third public tender for the professional training of a physician, a specialist in pediatrics, this time in the area of ​​transplantation stem cells in children with metabolic diseases and immunodeficiency in health institutions Universal Medical Center Utrecht (Netherlands) and Newcastle University (United Kingdom), published in April 2017.
The Ana Rukavina Foundation Board of Management has decided that funds for the professional development will be awarded to a candidate Dr. Nevenka Cigrovski, a specialist in pediatrics from Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb.
The Board of the Foundation selected Dr. Cigrovski at the proposal of the Expert Council composed of prof.dr. sc. Boris Labar, prof. dr. sc. Ivan Đikić, prof. Steven Živko Pavletić, prof. dr. sc. Srđan Verstovšek and prof. Mirando Mrsić, MD (Council President).
Dr. Cigrovski fulfilled all the conditions of the competition and the opinion of the Professional Council of the Foundation is that she is an exceptional candidate who, during an interview with the members of the Expert Council has shown enthusiasm, will and desire for further training in the field of pediatrics.
We are happy that another young doctor, Dr. Cigrovski, will get a chance for a professional training for a total duration of six months at prestigious European clinics and afterwards return to enable the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society to have quality healthcare.
With Dr. Vibor Milunović who returned less than a year ago from a one-year professional training at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, Dr, Zelic Kerep who is currently at one-year professional training at Georgetown University, and dr. Cigrovski who is just about to embark on her path of learning about new achievements in the area of cell stem transplants, we believe that thanks to this valuable
training and her professionalism, she will make a lot for small and big patients in our country.
We congratulate Dr. Cigrovski!

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