Croatian Registry counts more than 55 000 donors!

According to the report of the Tissue typing institute of University hospital center Zagreb, through 8 transfusion centers in the Republic of Croatia, in July, 85 potential donors of hematopoietic stem cells joined the Croatian Registry.

Thus, the total number of collected samples in the Croatian Registry exceeded 55 000 donors, and today a total of 55 037 donors are registered.

We also received the sad news that prof. J. van Rood, a great man, scientist and immunogeneticist who founded two major organizations in transplantation medicine, BMDW and Eurotransplant died at age 91.

Thank you very much to everyone who registered in the Croatian Registry, to those who organized actions to join the Registry, and the most to those who gave their stem cells or bone marrow to help the patients!

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