Andrija Hebrang donates 50,000 kuna to the Ana Rukavina Foundation

The Director of the Ana Rukavina Foundation, Mrs. Marija Rukavina, accepted a donation of 50,000 kuna from the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) !

“This donation is a wonderful Christmas present, as well as compliment to the work of the Foundation. The fact that this comes from the former minister of health shows that the activities of the Ana Rukavina Foundation have really contributed to the Croatian health system by expanding the Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors, and by establishing the public and private cord blood banks. Thanks to the expanded Registry, during 2009 two lives were saved – in Austria and in Great Britain. It is just a question of time before a blood sample from the Croatian national Registry saves the life of someone in Croatia,” said Marija Rukavina.

All of the funds that were raised during the pre-Christmas actions of the Ana Rukavina Foundation, including calls to the humanitarian hotline number and personal donations, will be used to continue tissue typing the blood samples of potential donors that have been collected so far. Tissue typing one blood sample costs just over 1,500 kuna.

The Ana Rukavina Foundation has marked the fourth year of its operation, as well as the third anniversary of Ana’s death. In the meantime, her family, friends and colleagues continue her mission – to raise funds for tissue typing blood samples in order to expand the national Registry of potential bone marrow donors. Thanks to the donations that are still pouring in, in 2010 the Ana Rukavina Foundation will continue with its actions and in this way help those that need it the most.

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