Bibinje Nightingales for the Foundation

A beautiful message from the organizer of children festival in Bibinje!

The organizer of children festival “BIBINJE NIGHTINGALES” sent this letter to our Ms. Marija:

Dear Ms. Rukavina, We have decided to prompt the children of Bibinje, entertain them with music and leave a visible trace of our efforts. We have organized a children festival that will be held on June 3rd, 2007 in the school-sport hall in Bibinje. About 25 children from Bibinje will participate, who diligently practice for the festival throughout the month of May.

The festival is humanitarian; we wish to donate total revenue from the tickets to Ana Rukavina Foundation. We have initiated the advertising spot on our county television VOX and “Novi radio” radio station. Two ladies – Elija and Katarina (my modest self) have taken up this action; we are supported by Bibinje municipality. If you have any suggestions for the day of the festival, feel free to contact us; please take this message as an invitation to come to Bibinje for the 1st children festival “BIBINJE NIGHTINGALES” – for Ana Rukavina Foundation. Personally I thought it would be good to inform you about this action, so I have decided to send this message.

Respectfully yours,
Katarina, Bibinje

We cordially thank all the children in Bibinje, the ladies organizing the festival; we’d like to invite all the people from Bibinje and surroundings to join this lovely happening!

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