Concert Carreras-Bolton-Cetinski

We have received many phone calls and inquiries regarding where to purchase tickets for the Carreras-Bolton-Cetinski concert which will be held in Zagreb on November 30th at 8 PM.

Advance Ticket Sales:
– Integral – Pothodnik
– Dallas, Tkalčićeva 7
– Dancing Bear, Gundulićeva 7
– Croatia Records, Bogovićeva 5

RB Travel, A. Medulića 8/1

Acriva Travel, Scalierova 1

Gradski Radio

All Kompas offices in Slovenia

We are grateful to all the citizens who would like to join maestro Carreras in his efforts to support the work of our Foundation and expand the Registry and Bank of voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors, which is needed for the treatment of those people suffering from leukemia. At the end of the 1980’s, Carreras was also diagnosed with leukemia. As a result, he established the José Carreras International Leukemia Foundation in 1988 which operates in Spain, Switzerland, Germany and the USA. Carreras often participates in humanitarian events associated with this malignant disease.
The concert in Zagreb is being organized by Arian Shehu, the son of composer, music teacher and the founder of Pula’s Histria Festival, Bashkim Shehu. Actually, it is Bashkim Shehu who is responsible for the duet Tony Cetinski and José Carreras recorded together, “Dolce suono” (Sweet sounds). The duet was recorded prior to the concert. Daniel Nančinović from Pula was chosen as the lyricist and the theme proposed by Bashkim Shehu was a song which told the story of the great migration of Albanians to Italy in the mid 15th century. The song, “Dolce suono” tells the story of the migration of at least 500,000 Albanians to Italy in 1487, who fled Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Kosovo in great numbers after the onslaught of the Turks. Shehu explains that, in general, they went to Calabria, because those with gold could travel on the Genoa ships, and those with silver could only go to Calabria and Sicily.
While he was the Assistant Dean at the Faculty of Arts in Priština in 1987, he visited Calabria on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the immigration of Albanians. He has had one specific melody in his head since that time. “There we socialized with their singers and artists, who were successful in somewhat maintaining the Albanian language. In their songs they captured the motifs of their homeland and mixed them with the sounds of Italian music. I wrote many compositions and even a ballet, but there was one theme that kept spinning around in my head for years, and this year I finally sat down and wrote it. I was always interested to see if it was possible to produce something with original national motifs, which could still be accepted as a neutral composition, uncharacteristic of structural elements which would remind us of the east or the west. I sent the composition to Carreras who was pleased with it. It was my wish to include one of our singers.” Shehu mentioned that he was fond of the lyrics written by Daniel Nančinović, as if they told the story of his own life. Besides the migration of the Albanians, the song tells the story of traveling in general, and said he himself “lived like a bird” always moving somewhere. “The song was supposed to be called “In Memoriam” as a reminder of the trip of the Albanian population, and also a reminder of mine. However, Carreras preferred the name “Dolce suono” because that phrase appears in the song, and so that name was chosen,” said Shehu. The fact remains that Shehu is one of the rare, if not the only living composer whose composition has been recorded by the Spanish tenor. Last year, Shehu brought Carreras to the Arena in Pula, where he performed with the Albanian sopranist, Inva Mula. They had spoken about a humanitarian concert earlier, but it was in Pula that Shehu’s son made the final arrangements with Carreras. He accepted immediately, extremely pleased that such a humanitarian foundation exists in Croatia.

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