Donation by the students of High School Glina

Sad moments, unfortunately, are an integral part of our work. Through the work of the Ana Rukavina Foundation, we became close friends with numerous organizers of the action, potential donors, and donors who have been in a position to save somebody’s life and with the people who are sick and in search for their matching donor. Their healing and good results are making us truly happy because we know what this means to the patients and their closest ones. Likewise, we are endlessly sad when their stories do not have such a happy ending.

Nevertheless, despite the sad stories, we often receive the news that rejoices our hearts. So we have recently received an email from Professor Aleksandra Pereković from High School Glina.

Prof. Pereković pointed out that her students showed their big heart ever since they were freshmen, all eleven of them: Matija, Matea, Danijela, Marija, Sandra, Martina, Ana-Marija, Matija, Nikole, Damir, and Ivan.

Below is a part of her beautiful email that honestly moved us:

“From the first grade it was obvious that they had a big heart so they baked and sold cakes for underprivileged African children, sent toys to an asylum for children at the eastern part of Croatia, and every Christmas instead of the class party they went to retirement homes to help the elderly. So, on one occasion, I suggested that they do not buy me a gift for a prom night and to rather give a small amount to a charity. As time went by, I completely forgot about our conversation.

But then, for a farewell, I was greeted with a box that I could only open when I came home, and in it, I received a donation to Ana Rukavina Foundation on my behalf. As I know them well, I’m sure they were carefully exploring to whom they will donate funds.

Sincere regards from the teacher who has received the most beautiful gift possible from their students, wanting you a lot of persistence and commitment in achieving the noble goals of the Foundation,

Aleksandra Pereković ”

Her graduates collected 500 HRK, which they, in the name of prof. Pereković donated to Ana Rukavina Foundation. From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful for every donation we receive, and these young people and their teacher have made us especially happy. Thank you.

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