Dear friends, we have received information that some humanitarian actions use or mention the name of Ana Rukavina Foundation.

As we have always done so far, we regularly report to you via our website and Facebook pages about all the humanitarian actions we support. In order for the Foundation to continue to operate openly and transparently, please let us know if you notice that a humanitarian action that we did not announce on our channels uses the name of Ana Rukavina Foundation.

We remind you that the name and logo of the Ana Rukavina Foundation is protected by the State Intellectual Property Office, and under the Rulebook on Donation Acceptance and the use of the name and sign of the Ana Rukavina Foundation, it is not allowed to use it without the prior written approval of the Foundation.

We also remind that all humanitarian actions under the Humanitarian Aid Act have to be reported to the competent state administration office in the county or the competent city office of the City of Zagreb and have a humanitarian action logo. If the logo of humanitarian action is not highlighted, you support the action at your own risk.

You can read the Rulebook on the appearance of a humanitarian aid collection logo (NN 120/2015) on the Narodne novine website (link)

Please, for all those who need help, when you donate your money, make sure that the humanitarian action is reported to the competent office.

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