E-mail message from the Foundation

E-mail message from Ana Rukavina Foundation, informing friends of the Foundation of a new donation number that will be active until September, once more inviting citizens to participate in the work of the Foundation!

This mail was sent from the Foundation today. We hope it will travel equally happily and efficiently as Ana’s mail, and the one we sent on occasion of signing of our petition “I WANT LIFE!”

Dear friends of Ana Rukavina Foundation,

Since the start of work of Ana Rukavina Foundation, the registry of voluntary bone marrow donors consisted mainly of patient family members (~150), and had more than 23.000 voluntary donors by the end of May.

With your help we held 82 actions in 53 cities, but our work is just beginning!

To determine to whom the donors may donate bone marrow, it is necessary to determine human leukocyte antigen (the so-called HLA typisation).

The price of a single typisation is 1000 kn. We require 23,000.000,00 kn (twentythreemillion kuna) for the typisation of current number of donors. We have collected a bit over two million kuna already.

We got the cession of HUMANITARIAN PHONE 0600 9000 at a T-HT tender for the period 01.06 – 31.08.2007.

By calling you donate 6.1 kn (VAT included); total income will be spent on HLA typisation.

We plead for your help again. The sooner the samples are typified, the higher the possibility to find a compatible donor for the salvation of numerous patients diseased with leukemia and other hematological diseases!

Kindly send this e-mail to your friends, let’s spread again an aiding net and donate 6.1 kn to help those who require help most.

With respect and gratitude, Ana’s friends FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR WORK ON www.zaklada-ana-rukavina.hr and www.zelimzivot.blog.hr

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