Funds to tissue type 265 blood samples donated to Foundation

At the request of Mrs. Snježana Guzanić, the mother of the late Igor Horvat, the funds that were raised for his treatment were donated to the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

Igor Horvat was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia 10 years ago. Sadly, as with Ana Rukavina, the funds that were raised can no longer help him, but they may help those that are still waiting for bone marrow transplants.

“I want the funds that good people raised for Igor to fall into the right hands, and for that reason we have decided to participate in the “Kuna for a Drop of Life” campaign,” announced Snježana Guzanić.

The “Kuna for a Drop of Life” action raises funds to tissue type the blood samples that have been collected until now. The funds that were donated by the Guzanić family, which were from more than 3,000 donators, are enough to tissue type 265 blood samples.

By calling 060 9005, every citizen of the Republic of Croatia can financially contribute to the tissue typing of blood samples.

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