Pevec Group for Ana Rukavina Foundation

On Saturday, June 7th, we were guests at the celebration of the 7th anniversary of Pevec Transport, the 1st anniversary of Pevec Radio and the 18th anniversary of the company Pevec. The hosts, Višnja and Zdravko Pevec, organized the get-together in the beautiful surroundings of their family estate in Srednji Mosti. It was a first-class celebration with an exceptionally rich gastronomic offer. An especially prominent part of the entertainment program was the performance by the hostess, Višnja, who showed her enviable vocal range.

The anniversary celebration also had a humanitarian element, as a number of the guests in attendance were addressed by the director of the Foundation. She thanked the guests, the hosts and the citizens of Bjelovar County for adding 1314 new names to the Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors. Mrs. Marija Rukavina informed the guests about “Kuna for a Drop of Life”, the Foundation’s new action which aims to raise funds for tissue typing the collected blood samples. She also invited the guests to continue their support of the Foundation in order for the Croatian Registry of voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors to become operational and available for searches by all those suffering from leukemia, lymphoma, and other serious diseases, as soon as possible.

With all our hearts, we would like to thank the dear Pevec family for their help and support, and we wish the employees of the Pevec Group many more years of success.

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