Goranin society action on Zagreb Square!

On Saturday, April 21st, 2007, society GORANIN will organize an action of juniper and fir tree scion sales on occasion of the Days of Gorski kotar; well-known Gorans (Jadranko Crnić, Zlatko Crnković, Herman Sušnik, Ivica Grbac, Pero Kvrgić, Siniša Tatalović, Dragutin Štiglić, Ljudevit Grgurić Grga…) will assist in the sales of agricultural products and souvenirs as well as tourist promotion of Gorski kotar.

All tourist communities will be presented, as well as various associations, hunters, foresters, and a representative of Goran sculpturing workshop will make a wooden statue and donate it to the city of Zagreb (for Bundek, Jarun etc). The City of Zagreb will donate a sewage cleaning vehicle to Gorski kotar, and the mayor of Delnice will take it over. Darko Janeš and Vid Balog will present the cultural-artistic program and the whole event will be held in cooperation with the City Office of Agriculture and Forestry.
Total sales revenue is dedicated to Ana Rukavina Foundation.

The action will be held on Ban Jelačić Square from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We thank the Goranin society for their initiative in advance!
In the enclosed article you can see how merrily the Day of Gorski kotar was celebrated; the mayor was also present, who purchased about 20 scions donating them to the citizens.

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