HDZ donates 50,000 kuna to the Ana Rukavina Foundation

For the last five years, HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union) has traditionally made a humanitarian donation to the Ana Rukavina Foundation instead of spending money on a lavish New Year’s party!

“Instead of hosting a party for people who we would be more than happy to entertain in our party, we are presenting this money to you,” said Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor as she handed over the donation to the Foundation’s director, Marija Rukavina.

Last week the government made a decision to allocate part of the money that was collected from VAT on calls to the humanitarian hotline number to the Foundation. The 200 thousand kuna allocation will certainly speed up the HLA tissue typing and thus contribute to the expansion of the Registry.

“This donation is a great recognition of the work of the Foundation, and the fact that it comes from the Government of the Republic of Croatia proves that the activities of the Ana Rukavina Foundation have really helped the Croatian health system by expanding the Registry of voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors. Thanks solely to the joint efforts of everyone in Croatia, the Foundation was able to achieve these exceptional results,” said Marija Rukavina as she thanked the leaders of the Croatian Democratic Union.

All of the money that was raised by the humanitarian hotline number and personal donations, as well as the donation from the Government of the Republic of Croatia, will be used to continue tissue typing the blood samples of potential donors that have been collected until now.

The Ana Rukavina Foundation marked the fourth year of its activities and the fourth anniversary of Ana’s death. In the meantime, her family, friends and colleagues have continued with her mission – raising finances to tissue type blood samples – so that the national Registry of potential bone marrow donors can be expanded. Thanks to the cooperation of everyone included in this project, the Ana Rukavina Foundation will continue with its activities in 2011 to help those who are suffering.

All those who would still like to make a donation can do so by calling 060 9000, which will donate 6.15 kuna to the Foundation. 

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