Humanitarian photo exhibit by Željko Krnčević to benefit the Ana Rukavina Foundation

Željko Krnčević, an archeologist, resident of Šibenik and long time member of the Šibenik Photo Club has organized a humanitarian photo exhibit entitled “Mara, Kata and an Occasional Guest”. It will be held on Tuesday October 25th at the Juraj Šizgorić City Library.

Krnčević has exhibited at group exhibitions of the Šibenik Photo Club, as well as at more than 30 international exhibitions. He is also the winner of many awards and recognitions. He has had a few independent exhibitions which were organized jointly by the photo club and the Šibenik Citizens’ Forum (ŠGF). They are also the ones behind his most recent exhibit, “Mara, Kata and an Occasional Guest” which is in honor of Matija Skorić, a member of the ŠGF who has recently passed away. All of the proceeds from the sale of the photos will be donated to the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

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