Humanitarian race ‘I WANT LIFE!’

Humanitarian race organized by Athletic club Marathon 2006 around Bundek lake.

Our dear friends from Athletic club MARATHON 2006 are organizing a humanitarian race “I WANT LIFE” on March 25th 2007. The race starts at 10 a.m. near Zagreb lake Bundek.
Join us, cheer and take a walk with your family.

Voluntary drawing of blood samples for typization will be organized at the location in order to make entries into the voluntary bone marrow Registry. The race is not of competitive character. The route will be 1000 meter long and everyone is welcome. Here is how Vjesnik reported about the race:
20.000 donors in the Registry by the end of March

The campaign “I want life” is moving on in big steps and on Sunday it made citizens of Zagreb run. In cooperation with Ana Rukavina Foundation, Croatian athletic Alliance and Athletic club “Marathon 2006« a humanitarian race for citizens took place around Bundek lake on Sunday. Around 50 enthusiasts participated in the marathon and the organizers hope that this humanitarian outdoor gathering organized in memory of Ana Rukavina and her campaign “I want life” will become a tradition.

»We chose Bundek because it has a shape of a blood drop, which makes it symbolic for the campaign”, said Dragan Mirosavljević, president of Marathon 2006 club. All participants, runners or walkers received warm tea and a thank you note and their names will be published on web page

After the recreation, most of them decided to give blood for the Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors. That’s how a young journalist, Jasminka Komar, also decided to give her contribution to the campaign. Currently, there are more than 19.000 of potential donors in the Registry and people from the foundation say that there will be 20.000 potential donors entered to the Registry by the end of the month.

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