“I want life” – great humanitarian spectacle to thank all the citizens

For the fifth year in a row, the Ana Rukavina Foundation has organized their traditional humanitarian Christmas concert on Ban Jelačić Square, which will start at 8 PM on December 21st. The concert is to thank all the benevolent people who since the very beginning of the Foundation’s work have unselfishly helped its work and mission in order to offer the hope of life to those fighting against hematological diseases.

Throughout the year, many famous performers have taken the opportunity to use their shows to raise awareness about the importance of donating bone marrow and stem cells, as well as to raise finances in order to continue the mission of the Foundation. This year, on Zagreb’s main square, the following performers will do just that: Bojan Jambrošić, Colonia, E.T., Emilija Kokić, Feminnem, Franka Batelić, Jole, Karma, Kim Verson, Lana Klingor, Jacques Houdek and Novi Fosili.

“The purpose of the “I want life” concert is to thank all of those people who have helped the work of the Foundation in any way throughout the year, and to enable us to support all of those people whose fight against sickness is really a fight for life. We hope that the citizens will continue to support the work of the Foundation in the future so that together we can continue the mission of saving as many lives as possible,” said the director of the Ana Rukavina Foundation, Mrs. Marija Rukavina.

Ana’s letter “I want life” touched the entire Croatian public, and Ana became a symbol of hope, optimism and survival. “I immensely love life and people. I know I have someone to live for. Giving up was never an option for me. I want life!” This was Ana’s appeal to the public in an effort to gather potential donors and raise the necessary finances for treatment, but it was also words of hope for all those who were facing the terrible disease. Ana became a heroine who showed that by joining forces you can fight to help all those that are in need. After her death, the fight to help all of those suffering from hematological diseases continues with the work of the Foundation, the aim of which is to expand the Registry of voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors.

In addition to the concert, a call center will be set up. The lines of the charity hotline number will be manned by celebrities from the areas of politics, business, entertainment and sports. In this way we plan to raise funds in order to continue the work of the Foundation. Along with the well-known celebrities on the stage and the many famous people in the call center, citizens can support the work of the Foundation by calling 060 9000 (one call donates 5 kuna + VAT = 6.15 kuna; T-HT is the operator of the humanitarian number). The funds raised will be used toward expanding the Registry of voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors.

The humanitarian action is sponsored by Pliva, as well as partners: HRT, T-HT, The City of Zagreb, Croatian Journalists’ Association, Millenium Promicija, Grey, Croatian Composers’ Society – Collecting Society, Student Union, The Medical School, Hi-tech; donators: B1 Plakati, Tovedo, Klemm Security, Fed, Europlakat, Volkswagen, Nescafe, ABC Rent, Hrvatska Pošta, Print Grupa, MBM; media partners: EPH; media sponsors: Vjesnik, Mamino sunce, Zdrave vijesti, Made IN, Sounguardian.com, Muzika.hr, Javno.hr, Tražilo.com, Žena.hr, Metro-portal.hr, Jutarnji.hr, Dnevno.hr, Dalje.com, Zagrebancija.com, T-portal.hr, Vjesnik.hr, Seebiz.eu, Soundset mreža, Soundset Plavi, Obiteljski radio Ivanić, Radio SVN, Radio Samobor, Radio Velika Gorica, Radio Jaska, Radio Vrbovec, Total FM, Radio Student, Radio 101, Zagrebački radio; telecommunication operators: T-HT, VIPnet, TOMATO; TELE 2, AMIS, Bnet, Metronet, H1 Telekom, Iskon, Optima telekom, Voljatel, Terrakom

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