International Nurses Day

Today marks International Nurses Day and we extend our sincere congratulations to all nurses and technicians.
We have never been more aware of the importance and need for nurses and we sincerely thank them for everything they do for us. The challenges that medical staff face daily to provide patients with health care and safety make them true heroes and we thank them for that.
Also, sincere congratulations to the association of hematological nurses „KroMreža“ that started operating a year ago, and today, May 12, from 9 am to 1 pm in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Nurses will have a stand on Ban Josip Jelačić Square in Zagreb to present and bring closer to everyone what a hematology nurse/technician does and what their role is in the well-being of hematology patients. This year, International Nurses Day is celebrated under the slogan “Together we are stronger”.
Once again, we sincerely congratulate all medical staff, nurses, and technicians, and especially the nurses in all hematology departments in the Republic of Croatia, and thank them for everything they do for all of us!

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